" Events happen, Deeds are done, There is no individual doer there of."

Welcome to The Global Biodiversity Conservation Centre

The G.B.C.C. lies between latitude 2507'N & 2607'N and longitude 79017'E & 80021'E. It is dedicated to -
preserving genetic diversity - diversity with in species.
species diversity - diversity with in landscape(patchiness),
communities and ecosystem diversity through insitu conervation (strict natural Resources, protected landscapes resources) and exsitu conservation- macro, micro propagation (Tissue culture, Gene bank, sperm Bank, egg bank, seed bank).

G.B.C.C. is enhancing development of scientific research and education and evolving a global mechanism to coordinate all ongoing and future research in systematics and Taxonomy and integration it to meet the global goal of inventory, conservation, prospecting and sustainable use of Biodiversity resources of the world. It requires a lot of homework planning and healthy interactions among various stakes holders:-

C.I.F.O.R., C.B.D., F.A.O., G.E.F., I.T.T.O., I.U.C.N., I.U.F.R.O., U.N.C.C.D., U.N.D.P., U.N.E.P., U.N.F.F., U.N.F.C.C.C., I.C.R.A.F., WORLD BANK.


G.B.C.C. re-establishing ecosystem in areas where they have been lost, and of re-introducing species. Centre have some aims and priorities for conservation globally.

          The first aim is - preserve ecosystem process- often has high priority.
          The second aim - maintaining genetic diversity.
          The third aim is - prevent any species from becoming extinct
          The fourth aim is - preserve particular species as:-

  • Flagship species - Species with strong public demand.

  • Preserve Umbrella species - preserve one of these is likely to result in preservation of many others as well as.

  • Preserve key stone species - It plays a key role in the community, so if it becomes extinct many others will too .

  • Endangered Species - Species considered to be endanger of becoming extinct soon, e.g. because they are rare or declining.

G.B.C.C. is trying to develop a world population which is aware of consciousness that you are the world.

News & Events

* How can we make a rule that no species must be make extinct when the existence of them is unknown to us.So give priority for some species in conservation.

* Habitat fragments we preserve should be as large as possible.

* Some disturbance is essential in nature,as it provides niches and contributes to diversity.

* Maintain Genetic Diversity.

* Preserve our system process.

* Preserve-Flagship, Umbrella, Keystone and endangered species.

* Preserve any species from becoming extinct.

* Genetic drift and inbreeding depression are risk to small population.

* Every taxonomist- who works on Angiosperm classification, based on molecular level, works with the species or part of species.